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Old Dynasty's Tales Available in English On CD-ROM Version of `Choson Wangjo Sillok'

Readers Can Journey Through 500 Years of Choson Dynasty's Virtual Wonderland

(1) 'Sagwan' Showcased Best of Penetrating Journalism

(2) Choson Society Opened to Foreign Exiles Out of Diplomatic Concern

(3) A Look at Choson's Bureaucracy

(4) Coronation Ceremony Clouded by Mourning

(5) Kings Treading Rough, Rugged Royal Road

(6) Public Opinion Played Political Pacemaker

(7) Choson's Legal System

(8) Choson's Criminal Code Geared Up to Humanitarian Purposes

(9) The Ups and Downs of the Choson Legal System

(10) Japan

(11) Tsushima, An Island of Conflicts With Two-Faced Japanese

(12) Japanese Invasion of 1592

(13) National Hero Admiral Yi Sun-shin

(14) Historical Facts and Faulty Myth About Kobukson

(15) In Search Of a Cure-All

(16) Choson Kings Well Versed in Medical Treatments

(17) Unpopular Medical Business, Ill-fated Court Doctors

(18) Civil Servants Set Exemplary Private Life of Frugality

(19) Choson Maintained High Level of Advanced Astronomy

(20) Natural Disasters Generated Heat Between the King and His Subjects

(21) Choson Women Suffered Harsh Discrimination

(22) Sungkyunkwan Propped Up Confucian Education

(23) Sungkyunkwan - A Sacred Place

(24) Sungkyunkwan

(25) Draft Dodgers in Choson

(26) Yangban Evaded Military Service

(27) Choson Firearms & Military Preparedness

(28) King Sejong: Pioneer of Gunpowder Weapons

(29) Choson Kings Try to Repair Flood Damages

(30) Kings Advocated Military Build-Up

(31) The Creation of Firefighters in Choson

(32) Chronology of Fire Accidents, Dispute Over Its Symbolism

(33) Choson's Firefighting Methods Varied

(34) Professional Painters Working for the Government

(35) Chusok: Celebration of Autumn Harvest

(36) Kings Urged to Appreciate Paintings Highlighting Toils of Ordinary People

(37) Choson Official Painters Composed Realistic Works

(38) Various Missions of Painters: Map-Making, Espionage

(39) Royal Portraits Decided Fate of Hwawon

(40) Mt. Kumgang: Sacred, Shining Symbol of Nation

(41) Foreign Language Education in Choson

(42) Leonid Meteors vs. Choson's Meteor Showers

(43) Choson Kings Learning Foreign Language

(44) Court Interpreters Deemed Critical in Diplomacy Yet Largely Discriminated

(45) Prominent Choson Interpreters Mastered Chinese

(46) Farming-Oriented Choson Discouraged Commerce

(47) Rare Copy of Chinese Language Textbook 'Nokoldae' Discovered

(48) Choson's Year-End Parties, Rituals and Royal Consideration

(49) Choson Government Tightly Controlled Trade, Commerce, Marketplaces

(50) Prices of Commodities Fluctuated in the 16th Century

(51) Ruling Class Distorted Consumer Prices

(52) Introduction of Money Faced Skepticism

(53) Big Nation Twists Arms of Small Trader

(54) Lunar New Year Day Customs of Choson Period

(55) King Yonsangun - Disgraceful Symbol of Tyranny

(56) A Look at Choson's Drinking Culture

(57) Proper Burial of Ancestors Deemed Essential Filial Duty

(58) Choson Gov't Cracks Down on Luxury Weddings

(59) Kwanghaegun: Reformer or Tyrant?

(60) Kwanghaegun Rebuilds Nation Torn Apart by War

(61) `Sungjongwon Diary' Designated as National Treasure

(62) Royal Court Embroiled in Controversy Over Geomancy

(63) Choson Era's Anti-Smoking Campaigns

(64) Trouble-Ridden Royal Education of Crown Prince

(65) Quackery-Practicing Self-Styled Saviors Mislead Public

(66) Hypocrisy Shrouds Dress Graft Scandal

(67) King Taejong's Ruthless Instinct for Power

(68) King Taejong, A Hunting Enthusiast

(69) King Taejong's Resentment Against Stepmother

(70) King Taejong's Rocky Marital Relations with Queen Wonkyong

(71) King Taejong's Cunning Bid to Cement His Power

(72) Crackdowns on Robbery, Theft, Graft

(73) King Injo's Power Struggle With Own Son

(74) Biased Marriage System Spawns Concubines

(75) Male-Oriented Marriage Customs Strictly Upheld

(76) Adultery in High Class Mars Confucianism

(77) Double-Standard Treatment of Adulterers

(78) King Munjong's Trouble-Ridden Marriage Life

(79) Trouble-Ridden Marriages for Sons-in-laws of Choson Kings

(80) Lives of Animals Dexterously Depicted

(81) Chang Nok-su: Unbeatable Temptress

(82) Yu Kam-dong Sex Scandal Shakes Up Court

(83) Neglect of Self-Defense Invites Foreign Invasions

(84) Seoul Merchants Enjoy Absolute Monopoly

(85) Journalistic Appeals Fidget State Authority

(86) Rampant Bribery Spawns Shoddy Construction, Human Casualties

(87) Women in Royal Court Mired in Power

(88) Turbulent Diplomatic Relations with China

(89) Postal Service Saddled with Foreign Pressure

(90) Epitaph Dedicated to Tragic Prince Sado Bared

(91) Poor Health of Kings Major Obstacle to Ruling

(92) Enemy Inside Precipitates Fall of Sovereignty

(93) Absence of Leadership Leads to Debacle

(94) 1866 Turmoil Sets Stage for Isolation Policy

(95) Chong To-jon: True Gentleman-Scholar

(96) Festering Regionalism Comes From Faulty Foundation of Genealogy Book

(97) Opportunistic Politicians Side With Japan

(98) An Examination of King Sejong's Achievements

(99) King Chongjo Nurtures Flowering of Independent Culture

(100) Times Travel to Choson Wraps Up

(Epilogue) 2000-Year Korean History Digitized on CD-ROMs

(Reader's Comment) Choson Kingdom Series Tells Journalism at Best

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